Suddenly losing citizens like mad?

Hi, really loving the game so far.

Is it part of the design to have citizens leaving your “city” almost as soon as you get them? I can’t think of any amenities or anything I’d be able to build to make them happy if that’s what’s needed, but I’m stuck at 5 citizens permanently because as soon as they leave the spaceport and enter one of my factories or the residence, they leave immediately.

Hey! This is not normal behavior for citizens. So there could be several reasons.

  1. You could have terrible pollution (smokestacks and mines create it) in your city and your citizens die quickly. Check the pollution overlay. Also residential buildings offer a better pollution resistance!
  2. If you have only habitat pods for your citizens and access to their entrance is blocked, pop will be blocked somewhere until you free the path to their beds or to a monetization station/office.
  3. Could be a bug but it doesn’t ring a bell. Check on the bugs part of the forum!
    let us know!

I only have one smokestack and put it as far away from my residences as possible and pollution has never really been a problem for me in this game so far. Like I consistently have maybe 5 waste in storage with only one level 2 smokestack… but I suppose my city isn’t that big. I have one factory with 4 habitation pods that are accessible and also a 2x (connected) residence building. I also keep reaching a point in this save where after grabbing 3 or 4 groups of citizens from the spaceport, the spaceport forever says “not enough storage space” even though the spaceport storage is empty and the citizens don’t have anything with them. Loading my save fixes this until it happens again.

hmm check the number of clean up jobs u have - oncei hit 49 in my small town pepole started dying i guess?

Note that if your factories or wherever your citizens are have a lot of trash in them, your citizens will start dying like crazy. Sanitation is important!

Citizens do have a finite lifespan. As such you should convert them to immortal loyal employees! employees of the Council don’t die due to our patented “I-Aint-Got-Time-To-Bleed” Life Extensions suits. Your employees will be happy productive immortal workers on the ouside, even if they are dying on the inside, figuratively and possibly literally (some exclusions apply no refunds)

Right now I find that Citizens are only good for 50k Credits and after that then Employees. Most of the time I have 0 Citizens because it’s not needed. Citizens right now have no real effect on the gameplay I have found. The one thing you can do is put down a few rows of Waste pods to help combat the Waste for a short time. Also every now and then just let them do what they want no building and it will help out in the long run.

Yes, smart move to kill citizens after unlocking all buildings and evaluating enough credits to fix buildings after attack. Even tho I’m having a healthy balance between citizens and convering them.

You still need credits to repair buildings after those pesky rebels attack you

Plus its probably not good to start making a bad habit now of just killing off your citizens. While yes now their utility is limited, as the game progresses and more features with Citizen interactiosn are added you dont want to have muscle memory of bad habits :stuck_out_tongue:

While I know they will be implemented now right now the current gameplay is let them die if you max out your credits. When they are used for other stuff then in the future I will indeed take care to keep them alive but right now not really worth it.

One of our future Milestones will have a Publicity Rating system. This system reflects the Citizens view of your management style. A bad Publicity Rating can result in Citizens protesting, rioting, etc. The Council will also eventually have a reputation system based on your performance. These factors will dissuade you from wanting to kill off all your Citizens in the future.