Suggestion: Building Priority

Hi there. Please forgive my english and if this has been mentioned. I did not find something like that with my limited english (I’m from Germany):

GREAT game, makes FUN, blah blah… but:

It would be great, if the player could priorize a new construction to build it right as the next one, so it comes the first in queue.

Please imagine: you build 4 conversion capsules in a new factory. Then you build the industrial outlet and Energy relay. You know, it takes time for the worker to construct all this things. And energy comes last.

It would have been better to build the energy first, so every conversion capsule will start right after construction and does not have to wait until power flows. But now its too late: dismantle is expensive.

So I would love to mark one single construction as “Priority”. I would like to point the Energy Relay as “Priority” so I dont have to wait until all those things were built which can not operate without power.

Another way for this Priority to use is for cleaning a single square. As you can see on this screenshot I will have to wait until the queue cleans the square. I really, REALLY want to build something there right now. But I will have to wait…

I hope you understand what I mean and hope that you like the suggestion.

Thanks for your attention and best wishes for this funny game!

Play on the experimental version and both things you’ve suggested are already added.

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^ That, although if you do not want to move to experimental you can pause constructions to allow later placements to be built first.