[Suggestion] Event log and rebuild option

In my opinion, this game desperately needs an event log.

Currently player can just hear “building complete” voice message - it’s hard to track what was built with multiple ongoing build areas.
Same goes when a building is destroyed - just seeing general message and each time player have to manually search for event’s source.
It would be great to have some scrollable list with events (and with possibility to slide in this list to the screen, same as rebel camps bar).
Clicking on certain event would move the camera to event source.

Also please give us a “rebuild” option when clicking on destroyed building/road tile.
It should reduce tedious micromanagement after a fight a lot.

Thanks for taking the time to write us some feedback! I totally agree with you on these fronts. I’ve passed your suggestions on to the dev team, and we’ll see what they can cook up!

Thanks for taking those suggestions into consideration. Can’t wait to see what this game grows into.
The foundations are very solid.

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