Suggestion: Heavy Weapons

Passing thoughts here; I realized that the mechs are not that much bigger than Titanfall’s Titans, so someone could, animation and legal issues aside, probably make a Titanfall TC.

Then I realized, the biggest issue is you could never replicate something like Legion’s rotary cannon, a large two-handed weapon, because of no appropriate animations.

Which got me thinking; why not add that kind of heavy weapon, chainsaw grips and all? These primary weapons would require both arms to wield, so you wouldn’t be able to equip a shield or even fire them if the left arm was destroyed. They’d be - well - heavy, so they’d reduce speed quite a bit as well. But they’d have killer levels of firepower; rotary guns that put out a hailstorm of fire that’d make HMGs jealous, howitzers that flatten buildings in a single shot, that kinda thing.


Great ideas! We’ll add them to the list of possibilities to consider :slight_smile:

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I just realized, actually, that the old teaser from august '18 (wow, time flies!) has pretty much exactly the kind of thing I mean with that heavy weapon the second mech is using. So I’d be surprised if it’s not already on your list somewhere.

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@Arcalane you are probably correct!

well, the “mg’s” in game use “gatling gun” ammo- so maybe under the armor, they are in fact rotary guns… 40 shots in 2-3 seconds not bad.
trailer aside, i was visualizing, for example , the old " Fang of the Sun Dugram"

  • perhaps we’ll see special slots for such down the road

in current game, i’d call “heavy” weapons any that has to be *stabilized" to fire - mg’s, SR’s, DMR’s -
as yet, they don’t have the dps to be a good trade-off for this but the ranged ones trade… range.
Your results may vary, but- for now i just think of them as much bigger and taking both hands :slight_smile:

as pointe out, i suspect more animations are

While you’re at it, since disabling an arm would make that mech useless, there needs to be a purge weapon mechanic so you can still fight barehanded, or backup weapons you can equip in case you lose an arm.

As long you have a torso, and the boost jets in it, you can ram. There’s your weapon of last resort.