[suggestion] priorize ressource cleanup on tile

Hello, thanks for your work in this game,
i have a little suggestion to enhance the priorization system.

problem: When the player construct a building in a tile that contain waste, the tile must be cleaned of waste and ressources exess before the construction start, but when using the basic priorization list system, the game don’t nescessary clean the tiles you need first cleaned.

enhencement summary: Allow the player to priorize the cleanup of wastes / ressource excess on a single tile.

implementation proposition: when clicking on a tile, have button to priorize the cleanup / ressources displacement of the tile. If the tile contain a building in construction, the order clean only the wastes and the ressources excess.

exemple: when building a turret in emergency, proprize the cleaning of the wastes on this tile allow the construction of the turret instantely.

Thanks for you reading and do not hesitate to reply for more informations.

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This actually seems like a bug. I’m looking into the issue!

ho okay ! I thought it was a feature :slight_smile: Dood luck !