[Suggestion] Resource Management

I generally like resource management/colony management games and have a suggestion related to resources inspired by a favorite of mine: Oxygen Not Included.

Currently resources in Industries of Titan game exist in 3 states relative to the player:

  1. Unharvested - resources that marked as reward from ruin salvage, finite resources in resource patches, and infinite resource nodes.
  2. Harvested - these resources have been freed from their ‘container’ either by salvaging ruins, mining resource patches, or dismantling buildings/devices. I think mined resources from the mine building also fit into this category, but not the stored category which is a little confusing.
  3. Stored - these resources are placed into a storage container or storage facility. The balance of these resources is what the game UI intends to show.

It can be frustrating, especially in the early game, to wait for employees to salvage a building, then slowly take the resources and put them in containers, and finally make an additional trip to take them out of storage and bring them to devices/buildings under construction.

My suggestion is that workers should take the nearest available harvested or stored resource for use in construction. Storage will still be an important part of the game because you need to get resources out of the way in order to build things, but by allowing harvested resources to be used in construction the player can kill 2 birds with 1 stone (resources are moved out of a harvested tile directly to construction sites if they are nearer than a storage source).

Perhaps by making the GUI reported resource total a simple sum of all harvested resources (because they can now be used for construction without being stored first) minus any requested for constructions might help alleviate some of the UI display inconsistencies as the game no longer will need to worry if resources on the ground have pending storage jobs or not, it simply has to sum harvested resources on every claimed tile.

[Edit] This could also help alleviate the current soflock problems when storages get destroyed/dismantled. Allowing the resources on the ground to be used to rebuild the structure/device.

Future updates to colony simulation could build on this. Its already stated in the tutorial that colonists don’t like seeing waste on the ground. This could apply to any unstored resources as an additional incentive to store them even though storing wouldn’t be required like it is now.

I’m sure this wouldn’t be an easy change since it would require changes to multiple game areas but it might make resource acquisition and usage much smoother from a gameplay standpoint. Anyone have any thoughts?


In the latest build you can build directly on top of deposits, which then is added to the construction of that building

I do appreciate those quality of life changes.

From my perspective there are 2 big problems with the current situation.

  1. You can raze a ruin with 50 minerals and be unable to build a storage container for them despite the minerals being right there on the ground. These resources don’t count as “yours” even though you’ve already done the work to harvest them. We currently have warnings/workarounds to avoid softlocking when one of the simplest solutions from a players perspective would be to just allow resources on the ground to count for construction. Not enough minerals for another storage while your existing storage is full of waste/isotopes? just knock down another ruin or mine a resource patch. I think that is actually more intuitive to let all resources on the ground count as usable than the current situation.

  2. The employees have no problem picking up harvested to bring them to storage, it can be frustrating/slow to watch them bring things back to storage and then turn around to bring them back to a construction site near where the resources originated.

I like that there’s gameplay around optimally storing resources, but I’m not convinced that storing resources before they can be used in construction is the best mechanism to achieve a rewarding resource management system.

In any case, we’re still very early days. Its been fun learning what’s here so far and I’m excited about experiencing whats yet to come!

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I agree with this suggestion, i resently have a situation when i have only 3 minerals, 2 isotops and 300~ wastes making my storage full, in this situation, i can’t build any more storage because all the ressources i harvested and waiting on the ground don’t count i my stored ressources. Then, if i try to build a storage facility in a tile that contain harvested ressources, my employees can’t clean the excess of ressources due to the low storage. And i can’t build more storage in my factory because i don’t have any minerals stored.

I agree that this is a better design. We have intended to do this, but prior to release, we noticed that it created a considerable performance hit due to how it multiplies the pathfinding checks when scanning for resources to use. In the interest of time, we optimized the game to work as it does now.

Another factor into why the game currently works this way is that there are ‘states’ for the resources that are not in the game currently. In the future, resources will be harvested in an unrefined state and will need to be processed in the Factories before use. We were waiting until we implement the full Factory resource processing gameplay.


The system does cause pathfinding slowdown in Oxygen Not Included as well, but it can be mitigated in that game by building in a way that restricts pathfinding to smaller areas. I think the size of the of the map here is much smaller, but its less constrained so I can see how it would lead to issues. The QOL changes added so far have helped. Thanks for sharing your insight, I think as long as a good solution to the current softlocks gets implemented things will feel OK.

As an alternative, maybe deselecting a filter option for storage containers could dump that resource on the ground on a empty tile if one was nearby. If there isnt space nearby the player could always dismantle something in the way temporarily. This would at least let people who get locked in by waste free some storage to add more minerals for building.

Hi IoT Council,
could there be an underground floor covering the main zone
transporters could progress through it, circulating under many storage facilities and employees could join a far location in a low time limit ?
Can a transport truck transport more than one employees or will you next update the hub transport with employees bus ?

Thank you for the futures updates.

[Suggestion] Ressource Prioritization

Could we apply a prioritization on ressources patch : Isotopes or Minerals ?
because some ressources patchs need to be harvested at first for purchasing a transport road under these resources patchs and some others offer more ressources.

Many thanks Council