[Suggestion] Road/Transport network

First of all, Thank you Developers for bringing a new innovative title into the very stale gaming scene.

Played the latest patch and fooled around with the road transport update a fair bit. If I could weigh in on this design choice, its a good addition but it requires some fine-tuning.

Transport Hub: We require the ability to channel resources from one point of the map to the next in order to plan a rapid construction project. I feel the Transport hubs can be utilized with a menu system to control this. Then we can the use the storage hubs paired to the Transport hubs in order to create depots in the logistics network.

Road Construction: Allow the build tool to pull/extend the direction of the road to be built instead of having to build individual blocks.

Underground/Tunnel road network: This could be useful addition @ premium resource allocation and power as a trade off.

Cheers o7 :cowboy_hat_face:

You can ‘kinda’ do this by turning off resources in one place and then they get distributed outwards

Transport Hub: For any storage container, you can set the filter for which resources are inside them. It takes some finagling, but you could technically toggle resources on 1 container off so that they are moved to another container somewhere else. I think to fully support the feature you are requesting, we would have to have some way to create a resource relocation task. I will have to think about how this can be done.

Road Construction: This is a good idea! I see this as a good QOL feature.


Hi Andy,

Cheers for yr feedback and appreciate the explanation on the transport hub.

This game shows great promise.