[Suggestion] Roads Hp or lvl up permission

for now the entire thing with the transport trucks and the roads is quite fine … just one thing is a bit annoying… roads have so low hp (and they cant be lowered in case of an attack, why would they) that if i shoot down a Rebel Aircraft… just the debris wrecks half my Road Network… any thoughts of improving this situation ??

Believe it or not @Orici_ger - roads actually used to have LESS HP than they currently do :smiley: we will consider making the Roads a little bit beefier, but I can’t promise anything!

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beefier :wink: ^^ you gotta pump up those numbers :wink: ^^

I"m a bit torn on this. On the one hand the kind of ‘feel’ weak. However I kind of understand that’s sort of important with respect to how colateral damage from combat should have some kind of consequences

maybe they should add waste and/or debris (consisting of spare resource’s) as by-product… that would be nice … dont get me wrong dmg to the roads is fine … but they always implode right on impact ^^

Roads have been buffed, but it is unlikely to be buffed any further!

Any chance of a custom game flag for making roads invincible? While we’re still in the ‘tower defence’ stage of early access constantly rebuilding them is starting to grate a little lol.