Suggestions from 40+ Hours In

I tried to give this feedback in the Discord but was told that this was a better place for it, so here we are:

If you’re looking for more granularity with enemies, Technicals could be an even weaker foe. They’re Pickup Trucks with Heavy Weapons mounted in the back; you probably couldn’t put a Tank’s Auto-Cannon in the back, but some of the smaller Heavy Weapons could easily fit. They wouldn’t even need hit locations, just a single Hull because of the size of the mechs when they fire upon these dinky things.

Components being different levels but with the same effect is disappointing. I’m using Level 4 Components because they’re better than some of the Level 14 stuff I’ve gotten. Why is Level 4 loot better? Components are also inconsistent. Higher Mass and Heat Threshold is good but you want lower Heat Dissipation? That doesn’t make sense. Shouldn’t Heat Dissipation 1.5 be better than 1?

If your Main Weapon is your Right Arm, why is it listed second? I know that the choice was probably made because of Alphabetical, but shouldn’t your primary weapon be the first? I am also finding it impossible to see Handguns and SMGs as sidearms on my bulkier mechs, perhaps rotate the mech or view a bit more?

Duration as a positive doesn’t make sense. I want the smallest window to inflict damage, so that I can fire more often. Between the two shot Sniper Rifle that takes a second which I can fire five times in a turn against the five shot Sniper Rifle that takes two seconds, I prefer the shorter duration. This is true between the one shot Handguns or double tapping Shotguns over any other ‘sustained’ weapon.

The sole exception seems to be the Marksman Rifle; just because the longer duration Marksman has so much more Concussion Damage than the regular Marksman. It’s good for knocking out pilots who are using mechs with valuable equipment.

Can the Wait Command not be affected by terrain? It’s annoying having it dance up and down when my mechs are on hills.

Machine Guns, Sniper Rifles and Marksman Rifles seem to greatly benefit from mechs stopping on a dime. It makes them very powerful. Shouldn’t there be some ‘stabilize time’ before their accuracy goes to ‘perfect’? The whole accuracy stat isn’t very clear, as most of them weapons don’t seem to have an issue ‘fired from the hip’ yet those three do. Then they also have an easy time stopping and suddenly open firing to shred the opposition.

I’m not too sure how ‘on purpose’ it is for my opponents to be constantly moving while using Marksman Rifles. Is this to make the game subtly easier?

Could you have some kind of indicator on the line that shows shots for when it will be passing through something solid? There have been times that I set my shot at an angle that looks good but when I played the turn out, my Sniper Rifle rails into the side of a mountain or building. I could’ve easily adjusted my mech to get hits, I didn’t because there were no indicators that this shot was just going to decorate the countryside.

I remember having issues with the music between the overworld and on the map being widely inconsistent. Not sure if that’s been fixed; I’ve since gotten rid of the music and listen to my own playlist.


Lots of good stuff here. I think with the duration it’s taking into account heat dissipation. Some of the longer duration weapons I can spam more shots out of them than their short duration versions.

I more confused by the center torso’s heat thing at that bottom. They might have changed it in the patch I’m about to play but it seems 100 > 60 for those which is confusing cause to me it reads has if the mech would make more heat moving than not?

Duration as a positive is in the same boat as Mass as a positive currently. A keyword system could be implemented to address this. It’s good that the UI lets us hover over the bonus to see what it does. That means it’s just a matter of finding short properly descriptive words to describe the random bonus/malus the part can have.

Great suggestions OP.

Several good questions KP. I think I am around the 40-50 hours of game play time now. Not on alpha yet since I wanted to learn how to do things prior to trying to test things. To follow up on your input;

The vehicles, pick-ups could be used as scouts but of no real combat value. I think adding in trucks on convoy missions would be good rather than a stack of boxes. Also on the convoy note, if we are ambushing a convoy the set up for them should be in a convoy escort line. If we win (initiative or successfully ambush them) have them wait for half the starting round in reaction to being surprised. You could have those convoy trucks mounted with weapons provide some defense to their cargo as their escort engages the ambushing mecha.

For the 1-2 second sniper rifle, I never saw a sniper only take that short of a period to line up that perfect shot. Maybe allow them to pick a target, leg, arm etc. to damage for a lengthy shot. Currently your sniper can fire a double shot 4 times in a combat round of 5 seconds, that’s 8 rounds down range. I think a single shot over a longer period of time with a devastating hit would be better. Plus in game, you hardly ever have time for more than 1-2 opportunities to use your sniper. The fields of battle always start with them in your face on turn one.

I hope we will be able to sell off our lower level equipment to clear the clutter in inventory. Just the ability to delete them now would be nice.

I found a market place, spent 500 supplies to buy an item, but never got to see what they were selling until it was in inventory. I would like to see if it is an upgrade or not.

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Forgot to mention, I am loving the game. Hope to see more . . .