Suggestions IoT branch v0.10.3 b4774

Hi dear Council and proud Titan explorers
This is Cpt Buzbb speaking
from Xethane Labo. Xanadu. Bright side of Titan.

I wanna send you the last Titan exploration report.
My workers and miners came back from the mine and feedback the discover of a Large Ruin

but could’nt survey it and least of all could’nt extract any resource of it.
The scanner can’t read any ressource or artifact from this large ruin.
Is that ruin organic or composed by other material ? I’m so excited about this result… :crazy_face:

Dear Council could you send us with a future cargo, a newer and efficient version of handy extractor that could survey this large ruin?
My workers have to bypass this huge ruin which is very restrictive.

Other suggestions : :blush:

  • displaying the unit resources in the stickers of the surveyed ruin for a quicker overview to find the needed resource
  • integrate a crevice plateform mixing xethane exploitation and a bridge allowing my workers to cross these crevices.
  • In Zen Mode they are no rebels !
    active a second HQ location for faster colony growing, shuttles or ship could transport resources and workers or citizens from HQ1 to HQ2…
  • In Zen mode there is no war : managing the fog of war by enabled/desactivated button
  • a xethane_jetpack (jethane) for workers to go (fly) faster from a point A to a point B crossing lakes and crevices.
  • In Council communications : red artifacts can be negotiated

So dear Council
I have to manage and calm some of my proud explorers whose are very courageous and sometimes go too far away from our HQ :scream:

This was Cpt Buzbb speaking
from Xethane Labo. Xanadu. Bright side of Titan.
I call you back soon.
Have a nice cycle :dizzy:


I see it takes up 2 tiles comparing to other ruins. Could be an “mega ruin” they may officially announce in the future. Extracting it may yield some rare artifacts. We have red artifacts so I guess we can have like, green, blue, yellow, purple,etc. Or it could be related to some new features, like events, story mode, anomalies,… Researching it may give you some really cool technologies, as the tech tree is coming.
Also, why would you want a bridge? My employees never walk straightly through a tile before. Instead, they walk around it.

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Hi @tanthokg
nice to see you in the place :blush:
since Iot v0.10.2 or…3 workers take the shortest way to objectif instead walking around tiles.
They walk in diagonal ! really.
So i dream there could be a shorter way acrossing crevice by building a platform “xethane unit bridge”

have a nice cycle

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Hmm bridges is a good idea to pass certain areas, like crevices, sink holes and lakes. But to be honest, I want something more “grand and glorious” to move things around. I know we have trucks and roads, but imagine if we have shuttles to move around the city, to transport resources, employees, civilians, or even tourists.
Or we should just focus on bugs first…


You’re right @tanthokg
one of my past suggestions for updates was to use spaceships like shuttles to transport resources or citizens from a point to another with the speed of the light or just like :dizzy:
like a sub in a protected tube

very good idea @tanthokg :+1:
Dear Council i know you read our community dreams :star_struck:


This game has a lot of potential and so much to improve. Right now there are only like, 20 buildings in the game. Do you want to have a thread for it, to discuss what we should have in the future?

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Hi @tanthokg,
This is a bright idea man ! :call_me_hand:
Some threads under the name “Suggestions” already exist
but we can ask for a dedicated thread, i vote for it yeah ! :clap:
dev team can feed back about improving steps

Thank you for this idea @tanthokg :wink:

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