Tank underground

Hi there :slight_smile: Just got a small bug, with a tank going underground after a melee attack:

The map is a convoy, dunno what else is needed for info ?

Map almost cleared, I move my mechs around, and suddently get a KIA after the ground crashes, and a hidden tank below :face_with_thermometer:

This looks amazing. I didn’t know the ground is destructible.

Hmm! If you could send a bug report when you run into this (by hitting Shift+Tab) we’ll be able to get your save file and figure out exactly what went wrong! Thanks for posting :smiley:

Bug report made, as you can see the highway floor caved in, and a tank either fell below or was there from the start.
Edit: The tank fell down as can be seen from damage. The cave-in seems to be due to a missile volley.

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