Thanking the DEVs

I have to say Im loving this game. Its amazing fun. Planning out your fight and seeing it go down is so much fun.

  • Deployment: The new deployment screen is cool. Almost feels like your team is meeting and discussing the mission. cudos to whoever cam up with it.

  • Active Pilot: The process of putting a pilot to a mech is so much easier now.

  • Units: The change in how a mech is displayed in the truck is nice You can see level, and integrity without all that clicking around. I can tell at a glance who needs upgrades now.

  • Enemies: Enemy snipers are a pain in the ass now. the AI had him take a shot and run as far as possible. They used to stand and try to pointblank me. Now I have to chase them down, which is more realistic to me.

Im sure I missed something but wanted to say thank you and let you guys know you and your efforts are appreciated.


Agreed! All the updates have been amazing! I also like knowing which unit has what weapons equipped to it, so much easier than before to know who has what.

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Thanks both of you for your kind words, I will pass them along to the team :smiley: so glad to hear you’re enjoying the game!


I spent almost twice as many $$$ a few days ago (ya know, that “…2077” game), after an hour was done with it. And it was released as finished! So good job girls & guys at BYG for putting out something far more stable in an alpha, I’m ready for all the kewl stuff you’ll do next year.