The Gear Economy

I’ve been playing for a little bit now. Got a team of four up to level 6.
One of the things that I feel I really wanted to speak up about is the gear and salvaging in general.

All the gear feels like junk food. It’s just interchangeable, disposable stuff. We’re just chasing bigger numbers. I get that that’s how it works for a lot of games, Destiny, the Division etc.
But I don’t think it’s ever been a particularly fun system.

After salvaging I actually feel a bit weary at having to trawl through the junk and figure out what is going to make the most significant incremental difference.
Put something in the salvage event that’s gonna give my lizard brain a dopamine kick!
Single use consumables? Or unique experimental weapons that only appear once per game? Maybe components that let the workshop create an improved rarity item (see next paragraph)?

This leads on to the fact that it’s very difficult to plan a team because random loot dispenser has inundated me with pistols and shotguns. I had a level 4 sniper rifle for a bit but had to let it go because another one didn’t turn up and keeping a sniper around wasn’t viable.
I get that thematically, scrounging for stuff is appropriate. We’re making do on the scraps we can find. But it would be really nice if the workshop could churn out some stock gear on demand at a common rarity or something. Or upgrade existing gear to the level of the workshop?
Or a standard video game merchant ie: “Here’s what I got”. The black market could function like this maybe?

Maybe at the end of a salvage operation you can let the player nominate what items they want to keep and just scrap the rest. Or donate them to the locals for hope? Or defense, if defending captured places ever becomes relevant.

It might just be because I’m getting old but I personally just don’t enjoy managing this volume of minutia recreationally. I’ve seen a few people comment that they enjoy this kind of micromanagement. So I know my criticism isn’t shared universally.

Very much agreed. I think there are a few factors at work:

  • There are just too many minor variations that don’t matter. With a couple of exceptions (e.g. Tsubasa parts) the differences between two marks of mech part at the same rarity/weight class/level are fractional at best. If two different marks are functionally identical, why should I care? Each make of parts should have a distinct identity that makes them worth scrounging for.

  • There are just too many different parts to keep track of.

  • Beyond a certain point in the game I’m never going to use a common part because of sub-systems, so the majority of stuff you acquire is just trash. Being able to selectively salvage just the parts you want post-battle (with reduced salvage times) would cut a lot of this out.

  • The inventory management UI needs a lot of work. having multiple copies of a part listed separately, subsystems “hidden” in your inventory because they’re mounted on some other part somewhere and you have to search every part in your inventory to find them. It would also help a lot if modifiers were displayed in the list as well.

I do hope at some point there are improvements to the loot. At this point there isn’t much difference. But I thought it was a missed opportunity that weapons don’t get attachments. Maybe they could be something like scopes, magazine capacity, recoil/scatter reducers, or even ammo types. And also bayonet-like attachments, so melee attacks with a gun are possible.

Also I think there needs to be a use for the junk parts, either they can be converted into scrap, or used to improve a weapon’s rarity and level. In Gundam Breaker 3 you can combine two parts of the same rarity to increase its rarity, so I don’t see why that couldn’t work in PB.