TITAN TUESDAY: Industrial Revolution (Patch 0.10.0)


  • BENEFACTORY: Benefit from new factory devices to refine resources!
  • ALL YOUR BASE: Rebel bases now expand and spawn defenders.
  • SHIP TO BUILDING COMBAT: Attack rebel buildings with ships.
  • SO MUCH BALANCE: A huge number of balance changes.

Industries of Titan is in Early Access, which means we are actively updating and adding new content based on our roadmap and your wonderful feedback. See the full patch notes below.


Due to the nature of changes in this update, we won’t be able to support save files from before 0.10.0. It would be too difficult to convert all existing saves, so instead we have opted to break compatibility. Thankfully, this is the only time we will intentionally do so! Going forward, you should be able to use the same save file between versions.

Although we try to prevent breaking save compatibility as much as possible and contain them all to the same update, there is still a chance that fixing save and load bugs may unfortunately end up invalidating saves again in the future. Thanks for your understanding!


:ringer_planet: indicates changes due to community feedback!

:ringer_planet: A big thank-you to all the Experimental Branch players for their feedback – they contributed significantly to helping us balance the game and improve UX. The Council appreciates your input!

Get those Factory floors ready for a whole bunch of new devices AND resources! Factory Gameplay 1.0 is finally here.

  • Existing resources are now split into 3 Tiers of value
  • The resources you acquire from Ruins and Resource Patches/Nodes are all Tier 1 and can be refined via Resource devices in your factories
  • New Resource devices include:
    • Processors: devices that disintegrate resources for refinement into higher tiers. There are 2 levels of processor for Tier 1 → Tier 2, and Tier 2 → Tier 3.
    • Input Modules: allows you to put resources into the processor for refinement specific to resource types.
    • Employee Module: an Employee is required to operate your equipment!
    • Output Module : performs reintegration and output of a higher tier resource from a lower tier resource
    • Waste Module: stores any waste produced by refinement. If you don’t have one and keep it emptied regularly, waste will end up all over the floor
  • All Resource devices are modular – as long as the plug end of a Module is touching a Processor, you’ll be able to refine resources with ease!
  • To quickly cycle between Resource Tiers, you can use Tab for Minerals or Shift+Tab for Isotopes. The selected tier is synced between HUD and build menus.
  • Job categories for supplying input modules, emptying output modules, and cleaning out waste modules have been added to the Employee Management panel
  • We have so much more we want to add to Factories down the line as well, so stay tuned!

Along with the new Factory gameplay, we’ve gone through several rebalances of costs, net worth and Rebel AI to make progression and provide a comfortable difficulty curve. Thoughts on balance are welcome and encouraged, we’d love to know if the game is too hard or too easy. You can let us know in Discord or via the Forums/Bug Reporter. We really appreciate it! Alongside the broader changes, we’ve also adjusted:

  • Employee Balance
    • :ringer_planet: Lowered the starting salary of Employees from 60 to 40
    • :ringer_planet: Players now start with 12 Employees instead of 8
    • :ringer_planet: Supported Employees increase from upgrading the HQ is now 16/24/32
  • Citizen Balance
    • :ringer_planet: Citizens generate half as much waste as before
    • :ringer_planet: Citizen income increased to 1 credit every 5 seconds
  • Waste Balance
    • Less waste generated per conversion
  • Trucks Balance
    • Increased cost of trucks to 250 credits each
  • General Balance
    • :ringer_planet: Reduced influence gain by 2%
    • Increased the influence cost of claiming Rebel tiles
    • Reduced pollution emission by 20%

Tutorial updates

  • Along with fixing some bugs in our existing tutorial, we’ve put in a lot of work to the Advisor system
  • Advisors should provide more useful, accurate information based on where you are in the game
  • Feedback on the tutorial and Advisors is greatly appreciated!

Player ship to building combat is finally in place!

  • Fly your ships over to any Rebel camps you’ve discovered and take them down by attacking their buildings! You can target a ship or a building by selecting your own ship, and then right-clicking on its intended target
  • If you don’t want to destroy Rebel encampments using ships, the previous method of claiming their territory from under their feet is still available.
  • Although you currently can’t fly through areas that aren’t under your command, we’ll be enabling more exploration of the map via Ships in the future!
  • We also added some VFX to ship targeting boxes on enemy ships – they now glow for added visibility

Speaking of the Rebels, be careful when you attack them, because they’ve been working on their own expansions:

  • Rebel camps now grow over time
  • Rebel now have functional Turrets to defend against your attacks
  • Rebel Shipyards spawn both Offensive and Defensive ships

There’s been a bunch of work behind the scenes as well!

  • We’ve refactored both the Trucks system and the Job system in the hopes of eliminating as many bugs as possible and for better code organization. Both systems should work exactly the same as before, but with less bugs!

A highly requested quality of life update

  • :ringer_planet: Added a time of day indicator next to the game speed buttons


  • Removed the name field of the bug reporter for GDPR compliance
  • Adjusted the Council trading window to indicate that all trades are currently done in Tier 1 resources
  • A lovely new loading screen for you!
  • We also updated our roadmap!

If you’re coming into Titan Tuesday having played on Experimental, here are the changes since last patch:

  • Reduced the quantity of resource patches in High Risk High Reward maps by 40% to account for the new economy
  • Some minor visual improvements to Processor UI
  • All resources stored in Factory modules are now accounted for in player’s Net Worth
  • The time of day on the clock in the HUD now also displays the colour associated with that period of the Work Cycle (Green for Sleep, Red for Work, and Yellow for Leisure)
  • Processing time to Tier 3 increased slightly
  • Processing times in general also increased slightly
  • Lowered the AI impact of resources by 50%
  • Lowered the impact of construction time on AI by 15%
  • :ringer_planet: Reduced the waste output of processing significantly

FIXES AS OF 0.10.0

  • Many, many, many fixes and adjustments to our new features
  • Fixed resources not being waste not being removed from a storage container until filters toggled if built on top of waste
  • Fixed shield effects in ships not being displayed correctly
  • Fixed the shipyard causing claim SFX to play much louder than usual if placed over unclaimed tiles
  • Fixed bad logo resizing in the new game menu
  • Fixed costs of other buildings incrementing incorrectly when unlocking the Transport Hub (due to roads also unlocking at the same time)
  • Fixed some loading screens get crunched at lower resolutions
  • Fixed tutorial skipping its final step, and not displaying text for camera tutorial
  • Fixed Continue and Load on the main menu showing the oldest save file in the tooltip instead of the most recent
  • Fixed ‘draining batteries’ flag being visible on Depots and Batteries when not connected to a grid
  • Fixed cached paths not being cleared when roads were built (this was the primary cause of Employees walking in midair over roads that had no bridges. Still identifying other potential sources)
  • Fixed a storage discrepancy that occurred when upgrading any building and the HQ at the same time, while resources were stored in the HQ and a storage container contained only part of the resources required for an upgrade

If you’re coming from Experimental, here are some fixes since last patch:

  • Fixed a bug that caused liabilities to not scale with difficulty
  • Fixed the emissive colour not displaying correctly on resource boxes coming in and out of processors
  • Fixed shipyard displaying tier 4 resource box instead of credits icon
  • Fixed fuel HUD tooltip displaying incorrect information until a Pylon was built
  • Fixed strange appearance of some buttons
  • Fixed Device Details button on Factory and HQ UI not being clickable
  • Fixed Rebel ships not having their target cleared if their target was destroyed by another ship or a turret


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This is beginning to be unplayable even on easy settings. You have to run the game at full speed constantly to make the most tiny advance. Prices and the resource needs are WAY too high. I don’t want to run the game for half a day only to get to build a power source that takes another half day to upgrade. Playability is really going downhill for me. Sorry.


Many thanks Council for these great updates. :+1:

I rejoin Cherpat on several points : a device unblocking needs much more playtime until his availability than previous version…but this is not hell man ! :call_me_hand:

My gameplay go to customed ZEN mode for a better game immersion with much more playtime and without the stress generated by rebels attack :sunglasses:
So the ressources exploration is very important and any mineral, isotope or xethane spot is analysed and strategicaly exploited. Craters could be also exploited by xethane refining platforms unit.

One of my previous suggestions concerned the waste recycling. Waste recycling - when the smokestack is on place - could bring very soon some “green money” for citizens and workers or devices unblocking or other bonus like device or building upgrade bonus. Citizens and workers could be beneficiaries.

A training mode for the Iot XP branch could bring more entertainment and experimentation to ZEN gamemode by unblocking some buildings at gamestart like power units or comman center or mine without a coast setting (at start)
An easy mode with more money like 10K at the start, a medium mode and a hard mode.

The ruins surveying at gamestart could be applyed to the global HQ owned aera and stayed available at each upgrading of the HQ building.

Thank you for listening, Council
Keep the great job for IoT Community !

This was Captain buzbb speaking
from Xethane Labo. Xanadu. Titan
take care of your citizens


Is there some way to roll back to an earlier patch? I haven’t played for about 3 months and now I can’t work anything out. Constantly starving for resources, rebels arrive and destroy me before I have any hope of collecting 400 minerals to build a single turret and basically finding it unplayable now.
Sorry guys, appreciate the hard work but whatever has happened between 0.5 “wahey infinite resources” and 0.10 “holy crap why I can’t I afford anything” has spoiled the fun for me.

Hi there @D6_Matt - unfortunately, Epic does not have a way to roll back their patches. However, if I can answer any questions about how the game plays, please let me know - many people have been struggling with this update because our tutorial is limited. We’re working on making the tutorialization better. In the mean time if you are struggling with the new costs of things I suggest watching our short explainer video here.

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Much appreciated, thanks! That’s a real shame on the no patch downgrading.

It’s more that i’ve just spent 3 hours playing on Zen mode, and In that time I upgraded the command centre, built 2 factories and managed to just scrape up enough minerals to build a fuel refinery. In previous patches that would have been more than enough time to construct a huge sprawling city. I’ve been playing since launch day on experimental branch and honestly just not having any fun with the new mechanics or how much the pace of the game has been reduced.

It’s not a direct complaint on anything specific as I understand the game needs to change and evolve as an ex-game dev myself, it’s that after a couple of months break and really enjoying it since day 1 i’ve come back to a game I don’t recognise and now don’t either understand or can just make a lovely big city in a couple of hours on.

I do appreciate the reply though.

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For sure! I understand your frustrations - the game has changed significantly due to adding this feature, in ways that even we weren’t completely anticipating. The good news is, this is our first real pass at the balance - we did a lot of internal testing and tweaking, but based on what the community at large is saying we may need to under-go several more balance changes to get to a place where we feel we’ve nailed the intended player experience. I also can’t promise anything concrete, but more play modes are in development right now and there is a small chance one of those might solve some of the paint points you’re experiencing. Really appreciate your feedback!

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Sounds like you guys have got some interesting stuff in development!

Many thanks for taking the time to reply :slight_smile:


Looks like I need to refine Minerals to increase their worth. Is that correct?
Tier II = 5x worth
Tier III = 25x worth
… If that’s not the answer, then I don’t know what is as I’ve almost run out of buildings to scavange for Minerals. Can’t build another Command Centre without 200 minerals. And, all this without defending, no attacks.

Employee Module: I cannot find an example of how to setup a refinery/processor. Looked through forum, looked through Google images.
I did set up INPUT > REFINE > OUTPUT and an EMPLOYEE module connected to the Refine/Processing. Then WASTE connected to Refine/Processing module.

  • There were no warnings, everything seemed okay
  • Idle employees standing around
  • I had spare Minerals in storage, in the same factory floor
  • Nobody came to work on the EMPLOYEE MODULE

PS: I just started playing again after a few months off.

Feedback on Advisors:
At this stage, none of them have asked me to do anything. Meanwhile, I’m out of Minerals, have lots of money. Have no way to build what I want. There are no Mineral patches /or Mineral veins in sight, so even if I run game at high speed, use influence for minerals, build one more command centre, it may all be for nothing.

As I can’t find anyone else speaking about this, I find that I’ve missed something big. Or, my original idea of Refining = 5x = 25x the worth of the Mineral makes more sense. However, how do I set it up!? and get them to start working on it.

Also, not sure if it’s a Bug? (see image)
Waste Module: “Not connected to INPUT Module” … but as you can see, it is connected.

Contents of Titan folder in My Documents: Download Zip Link

That’s where resources tiers come in handy. You can make 1 tier II mineral from 1 tier I mineral, and 1 tier II = 5 tier I. The process generates some waste but it can be easily dealt with.
So instead of trying to find 200 tier I minerals for, like, a command center, you just need 40 tier II. The same goes with isotopes, 1 tier II is worth 3 tier I, but cost only 1 tier I to process.

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I’ve encountered this before. The waste modules must be connected directly to the PROCESSOR in order to work. If you connect them to the input/output modules, it won’t work. And yes, you can refine resources to increase their value, and decrease the resource you need for buildings. For example, if you have 200 minerals you can build 1 command center. But if you refine all of them into tier II, you can build 5 command center, or fuel turbine,…


I’m happy that it worked for you. It didn’t work for me.
Regarding “The waste modules must be connected directly to the PROCESSOR in order to work.”

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I’m not able to create a New Topic, so I’m forced to report the bug here.

As mentioned in my reply above, my Mineral refining is not doing anything. Workers stand around and do not take minerals to the Input Module.
I have Resource an Input Module, Processor, Worker Module, Output Module, and Waste Module (connected to the Processor) … all powered.

Another side bug maybe that the Waste Module says it’s not connected to any other module, but clearly in the image it shows that it is.

My Documents \ Titan folder contents … Dropbox - Titan.zip - Simplify your life

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i think is because the path is blocked by relays, try clearing the path first

Hmm now that’s weird. This is how I build the processor, works fine for me. You can try it and see if it works.

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I’ll try to provide some help here - I realize the tutorialization in the game right now is non-existent with regards to this feature so I can understand how confusing it can be!

  1. Waste modules must be connected to the processor, not other modules.
  2. Your Employee Module is inaccessible due to relays - no Employee can go to that tile so the processor cannot work.
  3. Employees might not bring resources if your storage is full or if you don’t have any minerals to process from Tier 1 to Tier 2.

Hope that clears things up!


Hi Titan explorers
this is Cpt Buzbb speaking
from Xethane Labo. Xanadu. Bright side of Titan.

My experiences about ressources refining tells me that the processor I or II is the first device to place on a wide floor like a connected Factory.
Enjoy friends, my team manager who crossed a titanic squall brought me some screens ! :hugs:

Here we go with the screenshots !
My suggestions are in order :

Step 1- the employee module is shifted for alignment with the lenght of the processor and…connexion !
Employee Module cnx on processor
Step 2- a ressource input module on the aligned lenght of the processor and…connexion !

Step 3- the other ressource input module on the other side, also connected to the processor (by middle connector) and…connexion!

Step 4- there is now availability for a waste module connector on processor (longest aligned side) and…connexion !

Step 5- you finish to build the refine unit tier I>II with the output module connector on the top of the processor and…connexion !

Final Step : place the sufficient relays to feed all modules with energy, employee is already on keyboard and…unit activated !

PS: waste output module compartment must stay accessible for waste recycling = no relays could avoid waste accessibility, limit to 1 relay near the module connector (as on screenshot)

Refining unit Tier II>III
Do the same build with refining processor 2 (II to III) on another floor to offer more place for ressources containers.
This processor 2 generate more waste and is longer as the 1 so you can place 2 or 3 waste module.

this was Cpt Buzbb speaking
from Xethane Labo. Xanadu. Titan.
have a nice cycle

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i think is because the path is blocked by relays, try clearing the path first

Damn, thanks, I should have tried that first :frowning:
I thought the workers just walk through everything.
Didn’t realise they needed a path.

I guess it should be obvious since the machine needs an entry point and an exit point free space, but still, I thought they walk between relays, storage containers, etc, like through the one centimeter gap in between them :slight_smile:

Thanks, this is exactly what I needed :slight_smile:

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