Transportation Depot Upgrade Wipes Trucks + Trucks Seemingly Disappeared?

Build Number / Patch Number: p21195
Seed Number: 1463010142
Type of Bug: Upgrade + Truck issue
Blocking Progression: no
Result of Save/Load: unknown
Short description: Upgrading Transport Hub caused all trucks to disappear

Replicatation steps:

  • Load autosave from 10:34pm - Transport Hub at Wav-18 is Level 2 with 6 trucks

  • Upgrade Transport Hub

  • Upgraded Transport Hub has 9 empty slots

  • Load autosave from 10:39pm - Transport Hub is level 3 with zero trucks to see the effect in a savea

Alternate Issue

In this game I have 27 trucks available, yet my workers are constantly just walking around. When emptying the mineral node in the lower right they’ll walk ‘behind’ the mines then walk to the factor next to it.

I wonder if the ‘upgrading the Transprot Hub wipes your trucks’ is a related issue? More that the fact that the game doesn’t think any trucks actually exist in the game, means when you upgrade the Transport Hub it just empties it out since it thinks no trucks actually exist at all?

GameData.7z (576.9 KB)

Destropying and rebuiding the Transport Hubs doesnt seem to fix the issue. Though admittedly I was trying to re-create tehm in the same places. That may be a problem?

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I thiiiink today we’ll have a new patch that should HOPEFULLY solve this issue? We have two fixes incoming:

  • trucks get incorrectly reserved when your transport hub is upgraded (again)
  • if a worker was standing on a very specific tile inside a building, they would incorrectly reserve trucks if assigned to a job outside the building they’re located in

i’m hoping that the first issue listed here is the fix for what you’re experiencing - however, i think that one generally solved by reloading the game… So if you’re not seeing anything resolve after reloading then maybe it’s another issue :smiley: