Trouble with resolution

Trying to play the game but the resolution is all screwed up. If im alt tabbed it just makes the game go all big and half of it is offscreen and then when im in game it squishes it and makes all the buttons offset so i cant see when im hitting. Changing the resolution setting ingame has no effect whatsoever.

Hi @Punchmeat and welcome to the forums! Can i get your machine specs? This is the first time i’ve heard of such an issue. One thing to try as well might be to change the Display mode of the game - you can set it to windowed or fullscreen. Those might help solve the problem you’re experiencing.

Ryzen 5 3600, gtx 1080, 32gb of ram, it’s loaded onto an SSD
Changing that has no affect either

And you’re playing while you have one or two monitors? what’s your native resolution for your monitors?

Two monitors but it was working fine the last i played it about a month ago. both monitors run at 1980x1080

I spoke to one of the programmers, he had a couple things we could try out:

  • Try Fullscreen Borderless (after switching to a different display mode and back)
  • If that doesn’t work, try Windowed (sorry)
  • Update graphics drivers
  • Try with only one monitor connected, see if the same thing happens

Another thing to try is checking if wide screen mode is on (for users with super wide screens, could be causing problems for you)