Trucks are completely broken

All of my trucks are just constantly booked and do not work. I know this is already in ‘known issues’, but it seems to have been going on for a while (people were having the same problem back in August) and it makes the save completely useless. I have something like 120 trucks just doing nothing and my employees are just moving everything on foot. Is there a way to fix this without waiting for a patch (and losing the save regardless with that)?

Is this on the mainline or experimental version

Mainline. Sorry, should have specified.

We’re currently in the process of refactoring a bunch of old systems (trucks included!) so please hold on a bit longer! Thanks for your patience on the matter :slight_smile: usually, dismantling your transport hubs and rebuilding them should reset trucks, but we also have some checks in code that should be returning them - you might want to try rebuilding things and see if that resets the issue (especially if this is an older save from a previous version prior to 0.7.0)

It’s a brand new save, but I don’t think rebuilding them will work, as I have been building brand new depos before realising it was a bug and the trucks got permanently occupied as soon as they were bought.

Still, I understand this is early access and this stuff is to be expected, I just get disheartened after I spend a few hours building up my city to lose all the progress to some bug, but such is the nature of Early Access, I suppose.

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Sorry for the post necromancy, new patches made this work better for me.