Trucks Reserved for Phantom 100K Trash Jobs (growing +50/s)

Build Number / Patch Number: 2021-02-03-2253-p23405-v0.9-1b3540-5
Seed Number: 1471565267
Type of Bug: Gameplay
Blocking Progression: No
Result of Save/Load: Unsure.
Short description:
Trucks are stuck and I have tons of jobs rapidly accumulating on the smokestack on the attached save.


I have a double residence near my HQ that was destroyed in a raid and was rebuilt with the rebuild buttons. I noticed the trash was not being cleared after a long while despite the priority and other houses being fine. Many of my trucks were also becoming occupied not existing anywhere.

When checking the jobs list I had over 100k jobs pending for restocking the smokestack with trash. I only have 1 building and it was increase at somewhere between 25-50 pending jobs per second.

I found that deleting the housing or the smokestack stopped the increase but did not return the fake jobs pending on it or my trucks. It also was lowering my framerate which I didn’t really notice until the increase was gone.

Other factors:

  • The road linking the smokestack to the residence was destroyed and rebuilt from the raid
  • The smokestack was shut down during the middle of the raid to conserve power.
  • Maybe a trash truck was displaced with the road in the raid and messed up the queue/broke some memory pointers??

Unfortunately this probably doesn’t tell you exactly how it got stuck in such a state. Losing the building and rebuilding it may have only made the issue more obvious but gives you an area to look.