Turrets not targeting enemy ships?

So an enemy ship just destroyed my main command center. Because the turret that was right next to enemy ship did not bother to shoot it down. Instead it just rotated…

Version 4.0

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Hi @administrator1, if you’re playing on an old save the target may not be working. Try clicking on your turret and using the target button, and then selecting the enemy ship if it’s not auto targeting.

I never play old saves.
And I cannot target the ship manualy.

I just had the same problem. it was a new game to! Also ran into a point where the workers just stod still and did not do anything…

Is it possible the ship was not in range? The enemy ship has to be located in the red circle that’s displayed when the turret is selected (this also means if a ship is parked right above a turret, the turret won’t be able to shoot it). I’ll continue to look into.

Hmm… that coul be the problem. I Will try again next week

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