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On this topic I will post videos which contain tutorials, guides and tips & tricks for players of Industries of Titan. As the game changes during EA I will post more up to date videos.

If you have any questions, ideas, tips of your own feel free to post and we can discus them here.

This video contains 9 tips and tricks on how to play Industries of Titan and get a faster start, get resources cheaply, how and when to upgrade buildings, defend your base, improve layouts and much more. This is only the first part and more tips will follow. The game version I was playing on was 2020-04-15-0905-p14752–s.


Decent enough video, thanks for the tip on attacking ships - I never noticed the line coming down from them.

Would have been more useful, at least to me, if someone covered the UI, there’s quite a bit that you’re just guessing at. For instance, in the Council screen, what is the benefit of clicking on that Upgrade Council storage? The same thing in the Offworld migration panel. I fully upgrade both and have no idea why.
There’s a check box at the bottom (Adv.) next to those filters, clicking it doesn’t seem to do anything.

And lastly, how do I disable tutorials? I started a new game, mainly because my first one the layout kinda sucked, but really do I have to go through the tutorial every time???

Hi, thank you for your kind words.

First, Offworld migration panel, when you upgrade storage, you can claim and land ships which have a lot of resources in their cargo holds. Then you move those resources to your buildings.

Second, you have to un check the box at the third screen when setting up a game.

These are 9 new tips about this game. I will take you through many tricks about gameplay mechanics, management and game design. You will learn about waste management, pollution cleaning, employees, citizens, resource collection, ships, combat, turrets, rebels, buildings, power and fuel management and more.