UI improvement suggestions

After playing for some time, I have a number of suggestions to improve the UI in various places. The screenshots hopefully make it clear what I am looking for, but feel free to ask for clarifications.

Inventory screen

  • highlight the currently selected item in the list
  • make identical items stack
  • add salvage button to each item on the list; most of the time, type or level of an item is already enough to know that I do not need it

Unit loadout screen

  • same as above for the inventory screen
  • keep the equipped item always visible
  • add salvage button; it is a lot more useful in the place where items are actually compared
  • show comparison of derived stats (e.g. actual integrity for armor, DPS for weapons, etc.), not just base stats
  • make it clear if subsystems are fused or replaceable

In Combat

  • start unit numbering at 1, so it matches F-key mapping
  • use pilot portraits or unit names or weapon icons instead of generic icons for player units, to make it easier to distinguish between different mechs
  • highlight or otherwise mark player units without planned actions
  • add small weapon icons to the mech damage indicator, so it is clear which weapon is held in which hand
  • allow clicking the time line to set length of wait action (unit facing would either stay as it is or could be adjusted with a second click on the map)

Campaign map

  • display the time it will take the base to get somewhere
  • show the enemy strength indicator (1-5 diamonds next to the name of a place or patrol) all the time, instead of only on mouse over; right now I have to mouse over every location to find one of appropriate strength
  • auto-pause on various events, most importantly after combat, when salvage finishes and when the base arrives at its destination; ideally these would all be toggleable in the options menu

These are all awesome suggestions! Thanks very much :smiley:


A couple more, this time focused on the combat UI.

  • add damage per attack to melee weapon tooltips

  • add heat build-up to all weapons tooltips

  • display an “I am under attack” warning for player units on their time lines

  • display the actual timing of shots within the attack bar

  • display a warning if overheating would occur on the following turn


I actually came to the forum to check this, but always showing currently equipped is a big deal. Specially with so many stats. Another is unit numbering, I think that just like with names, we should be able to pick a unit number or symbol. The rotation seems to change every fight, and I’m left figuring out which unit is which.


yes to all; +1
and - related ly not not UI per se-
if the “large” weapons that require stabilization had a by default WAIT triggered by & mirroring their attack order;
which could be cancelled by player if so chose;
that would be great - i spend alot of time & effort fighting the “wait” command for my SR and MG .


Piggybacking on this great thread. Making adding a pilot to a new unit a little easier would be helpful, noting crazy just a red pilot icon on the deploy page would help. Spent easily 5-10 minutes (probably shorter but to lazy to check my VOD) trying to figure it out before random spam clicking got me to the menu to do it.


Also, I noticed the rarity color system. It feels very strange that it goes [White - Common] [Blue - Uncommon] [Green - Rare]. I know every game has [Green - Uncommon] [Blue - Rare] but because those are already established with games, players can get confused, I do all the time.


White is Common, Blue is Magical/Enchangted and Green is Rare, Yellow is Epic or Unique.


These are all really great ideas here.
Couldn’t agree more.

I’d like to throw here few improvements:

  1. Would be great to have a possibility to scale “wait” command on a timeline after it was placed.
    Currently when player want to adjust the wait time - he/she has to remove wait order with all following ones and start over
    Possibility to extend/shrink wait bar by dragging its end would be nice.

  2. Show actual time when setting wait time.
    For example currently when I want to synchronize my orders with enemy’s - I check his timeline and see that his attack ends on 2,563s:

    So I want to set my wait time to match enemy attack. But there is a “Locked” info instead of seeing time on a timeline:

    IMO it would help to show actual time instead of “Locked”:


Absolutely, the abilty to resize each of these bars without having to clear and restart. That would be great.

Great Idea on the time thing! I also want to be able to place my dash anywhere, not just at the end of all my commands.

I’m finding that trying to set short wait times can be incredibly fiddly and frustrating, so editing them directly would be great.

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