UI Questions and Feedback

Hallo! I have a boatload of questions, all of them related to the UI being opaque:

  1. My pilots have “fatigue” that keeps going up, regardless of if they were on the mission or not. It continues to go up even while driving my mobile base aimlessly around the map.
    1a) Is higher or lower fatigue good?
    1b) If lower fatigue is good, how do I recover fatigue? Does the base need to be stationary?

  2. After missions, my units suffer damage.
    2a) How do I see how much and where the damage was suffered?
    2b) Does replacing a part (for ex: a “damaged” right arm) with another part from storage have any affect on repair time?
    2c) If you replace a damaged part, do you have to repair parts in storage?

  3. Is it possible to convert looted / scavenged unit parts into scrap?

  4. What do all these numbers mean when I mouseover a unit part? There’s a big number (seems to be some kind of quality level?) to the left of the part name, there’s a small number to the right of it, there are a bunch of numbers below it, I don’t know what any of it means.

I have a lot more questions, but I’m feeling too frustrated with the game right now to bother thinking through and prioritizing them. I love the concept and art style, but the UI definitely feels like it was designed by and for people who have been playing since early alpha. It’s pretty hard to understand for new players. The timeline, especially, is really hard to fine-tune. I find myself just shrugging and clicking attack and hoping to win by brute force - the equivalent of “A -> click” in an RTS, which feels really counter to the micromanagement the timeline seems to want to encourage.

Hi @hairlessOrphan! Welcome to the forums :slight_smile: I will do my best to answer your questions:

  1. Fatigue is a stat that trends towards a base state of 100. This is not at all clear in the current UI, especially because we start all your pilots at 0 fatigue, which is the best stat you can possible have. It works like this:
    • Fatigue = 0 – your pilot is is exceptionally well-rested and raring to go!
    • Fatigue = 100 – your pilot is feeling an average amount of fatigue, as expected from being in a war
    • Fatigue = 200 – your pilot is exhausted and needs a break from battle.
  • Fatigue directly determines what your Concussion stat in battle is. That translates to this:
    • Fatigue = 0 – it takes more than 100 points (ie, 125) to concuss your pilot (your stat is better than average)
    • Fatigue = 100 – it takes 100 points to concuss your pilot (your stat is average)
    • Fatigue = 200 – it takes less than 100 points (ie, 75) to concuss your pilot (your stat is worse than average)
  • Right now there aren’t really a lot of ways to recover fatigue - a high fatigue stat will recover over time, and you can trend below the average of 100 by choosing event options that decrease pilot fatigue. Even if a pilot isn’t in battle, they will still trend towards 100 as a baseline.
  1. You can see damage by selecting a unit in the base after combat. Even without entering unit editing, you can see the health bars on the righthand side of the screen where the rest of your unit stats are listed.

    • Currently, you can’t replace parts that are damaged, as we have no way to handle damaged parts circulating in your inventory at the moment. In order to edit a unit, you’ll have to repair it to completion.
    • Also, there is no variable on repair time - it’s a flat amount of time regardless of the amount of damage done at this point in time (we plan on changing this soon as well)
  2. You can convert things to scrap! If you go into your inventory and select a part and then move your mouse off of the part in the list, you’ll see a little garbage can icon appear on the part you’ve selected. Click on that to convert things to scrap. We currently have no way of doing this in bulk, so you’ll have to delete each piece individually.

  3. Our stat system is kind of complicated. To simplify things - the numbers on the bottom, near the bars that change colours when looking at different parts, are the base stats of a part before the level or any modifiers are applied to the part. We’re aware that this is a) super confusing and b) not actually useful to the player! In general - you can pay attention to the big numbers at the top. In the list of parts, the ones that are green or blue, or have a higher level, are probably better.

the UI definitely feels like it was designed by and for people who have been playing since early alpha.

On this point you are 100% correct :smiley: We didn’t have time for the UI overhaul that we were hoping we would before launch, as we had a lot of other things we needed to fix before then. UI and UX are our next planned milestone, so we’re hoping things will be much clearer after we’ve had a bit of time to polish those elements of the game :slight_smile: Sorry it’s causing you so much friction, I definitely understand where you are coming from - I had these issues as well when I started testing this game full-time.

Thanks for your post and hope to see you continuing to play after we’ve done our UI and UX fixes :slight_smile:

XCom meets Into the Breach = Phantom Brigade,and it’s amazing.
The only thing that “bother” me right know is that the pilots are lacking in personality, or should I say lacking of visibility. You rarely see their faces or names in the UI outside of the combat phases. I’m mainly talking of the way it is shown, improving it would help me get even more emotionnaly involved during the fight. Mechs are the main star of the show and it’s great but I think I could be even better by having a stronger sense of cohesion between the pilot and the mech. Good luck for the future and when it comes to Phantom Brigade I’m sure it’s gonna be a bright future. Bye.

Ps : I’m not sure I 'm posting this in the right place.

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