UI Text is too small

I just bought the game.

I have tried all the UI scale options and even at the largest 1080 it is still tiny tiny text, far far smaller than the text in this message. As such the game is almost unplayable. I see that this is not the first mention of this in your forum @JohnWildman raised the same issue in November, and you promised that the UI would be improved. Was that true, or must I try to get a refund from Epic?

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Hi there @Juliejayne welcome to the forums! It is definitely still true - we unfortunately ran out of time last year to get that particular change in as we had other very pressing matters to resolve (game breaking bugs, etc) but it is still very much on our list of things to fix, especially since it makes the game less accessible. As we’re in early access, we’re still figuring out how much time we can allocate to new features as well as fixing issues that are already in the game (thanks for your patience!)

OK, I will give it some time then, since I really want to play the game.

But to be honest I can’t see that it would be that difficult to have a single extra size, double what is currently the largest size. The game is after all in Early Access and a simple disclaimer that such large text “might” spoil the nice layouts, would surely be sufficient.

Those of us with failing eyesight would gladly accept that small deficit to the attractiveness of the game in return for actually being able to play it.

As far as I’m aware it would indeed break UI in several ways, to the point of being further unusable. However, I’ll try to get an idea today as to when we could expect a fix for this particular issue :slight_smile: For now, I recommend avoiding playing on very large screens if possible (streaming to TV would make it much, much harder to read the text, for example). I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

LOL… I am only on a 24 inch monitor. Streaming to s TV would be insane… unless I bought a bloody great big TV.

But thanks for getting back to me.