UI Wishlist

Two simple wishes for inventory management interface;

  1. Selecting components and scrapping them all as a group. Just let me grab a giant pile of stuff and turn it into scrap all at once.

  2. Removing all slotted subsystems from all non-equipped parts, including thrusters and cores. Heads should probably be ignored though.

On a related design/systems note, I’d suggest removing levels from subsystems (as it largely just drags the average level down to use others, which is misleading when these parts are essentially unaffected by level) and using rarity here instead. Having subsystems be level-affected seems like a great way for runaway scenarios where a level 1 targeting array offers a modest bonus, but a level 20 array means your AR has a 0-100 meter effective range…!


In another topic I suggest to make a new menu only for tuning the subsystem. as if a mechanic looked into the monitor and with all the stats he could choose the best subsystems for the role of the mech

And if it is possible, navigating in the UI with arrow keys, that would be awesome :slight_smile:

Also, use right click to go back/exit a menu, would be lovely.