Unticked stairs icon bug along with some layering glitches

There’s been this very minor issue on the map where two Cadence Caves can remain to be unticked on the map even after entering all of the caves. This only happens in the Lost Woods and Gerudo Desert Cadence Caves. The cave will be ticked off on the map if the player gets a special item (L ability, R ability or L upgrade, Octavo’s Locket) in there. However, if the cave provides no special item, the stairs icon on the map will not display as ticked in one of these two areas.

Here is footage of the stairs being ticked off from getting a special item:

Here is footage of the stairs not being ticked because of an empty room:

[All of the footage uses the seed “Poppy”, also known as “923441”, in version 1.1.1. However, this map bug can be caused regardless of seed type or whether the seed is randomly generated.]

When a room has no special item, miniboss or blue/purple chest, the stairs will get ticked off as soon as you enter them
(Footage: https://twitter.com/chrysan_s/status…73477941014535). So it doesn’t make sense for the empty Cadence Caves with no special items to not get ticked off upon entering them. This can confuse completionist players, and I’ve seen several casual players searching around Gerudo Desert for some hidden cave that doesn’t exist because of how the map displays unexplored stairs.

In addition to this, I have some more footage of obscure layering glitches I’ve found in 1.1.1. But I’m not 100% if these are legitimate glitches but I thought it’d be best to send them anyway. I do not have the seeds for where these took place.

Thank you for taking your time reading this, I really appreciate your hard work on this game!