Upgrading Bug

Encountered an upgrading bug in the most recent retail. When upgrading in the late game, some buildings would stop upgrading and never complete. Please note that i had more than enough upgrade-dedicated employees, more than enough trucks, and more than enough isotopes, and roads linking most of these buildings to storehouses, mines, and transit hubs…

I played around with it to see what I could identify. Sometimes I could cancel and re-upgrade, and the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time it would finish normally. This was version 1 of the bug.

Version 2 of the bug was if I saved, exited game, and reloaded to try and clear the bug. Any buildings that were stuck upgrading instead re-appeared in dilapidated form, as if they had taken a ton of damage, would show damage on their hp bars, and would be without power and the employees managing them would be gone (and the employee count would reflect this). No matter what I did, I could not reconnect these buildings to power or re-crew them, and my only solution was to dismantle and start over. On the plus side, reloading after exit like this seemed to clear the bug, and I would be able to complete upgrades for a time until the bug recurred.

Overall, I am pleased with the progress in this version over the last retail version I played. I was able to clear the map and get VICTORY without employee pathing/storage bugs scuttling my game. Still, thought that victory would lead to another opportunity for my corporation: another harder LZ to clear, maybe meta challenges ala the ANNO series. Still, an enjoyable game for 55 hours. Looking forward to the future!

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Hmm! This might be a regression, this sounds really familiar… I will absolutely take a look into it, thank you for the heads up :smiley: and for the kind words, I will pass them on :slight_smile: