Utility Items, Abilities, & Pilot Skills

I was just thinking about some items that could be fun to use and see from a more utility item standpoint ! Feel free to add on if you have any cool ideas as well :slight_smile:

  • Abilities : A neat thing would be if specific pilots reaching certain thresholds of experience with a particular mech, that pilot-mech combo could gain access to particular skills. i.e. a quick bloodborne-esque sidestep or a short leap.

  • Evac Zones : Not really an ability, but having the ability to establish an Evac Zone similar to the tutorial mission would be incredibly nice.

  • Utility Items / Abilities :

    – Magnetic Tripwire : A tripwire that would be deployed between any two elevated points within a radius. Most effective in city centers, used for tripping enemies or laying traps.

    – Thermal Chaff : A chaff launcher that when deployed would throw off heat-targeting explosives or weapons. Could also be used to clear large amounts of heat quickly.

    – Coolant Mist : A mist that reduces heat of a nearby target. Also has the potential to throw off heat-targeting weaponry.

    – Repair Limpet : A deployable drone that when used would repair lost integrity on a non-destroyed body part over 7 - 10 seconds.

    – Puppet Protocol : The targeted mech loses control of it’s movement actions while maintaining the ability to shoot or use abilities. The user of the protocol would gain control of the targeted mech’s movement abilities, such as dash, run / limp , and wait, and the user would suffer reduced movement or no movement on their own mech while this ability is active.

    – Tyrant Protocol : When activated, the mech would have the ability to move through cover as well as conventionally over it.

    – Oil Slick : Applied to surfaces to make into rough / or hazardous terrain.

    – Forced Ejectors : Single-use | Short-ranged | When applied to a mech would forcibly eject anyone within. Would be very useful in situations where a pilot goes down and you might need to evac the rest of the team, but do not want to leave a soldier. Wise to bring on difficult missions with high incoming concussive damage. Could also be used to forcibly eject enemies from their mech. Has a chance to overheat target.

    – Heavymetal Harpoon : Primarily equipped by heavy or superheavy loadouts , when used can attach to and restrict movement of the target. Targets lighter than the user are restricted to a radius around the anchoring mech and can be dragged into or out of position if the anchoring mech moves. Hit or miss, shots with the Heavymetal Harpoon could require an [ Retract ] action in order to be used again. ( could also be really cool if electrical moves against either connected mech would affect both. ) * Would have the potential to interact cleanly and stylishly with a sidestep ability too if you time that dodge just right :eyes:

    – Tackle Drones : When deployed, would hone into and knock back a target. Deals considerable concussive damage.

    – EM Smoke Screen : When used, would affect an AOE in which moves cannot be exactly predicted and / or units cannot be directly targeted.

    – EM Flashdrone : A flashbang payload delivered via drone that severely reduces fire accuracy for a short period of time. Friendly units affected by the flash would have issues in predicting and would be unable to directly target units during the duration of the status.

    – Prismatic Cloak : A smartcloaking suite that allows a pilot to quickly and temporarily become invisible to a target of it’s choosing.

    – Barrier projector : Maybe a primary / secondary weapon (?), that at the expense of heat on the users end, projects an enhanced barrier on a target. ( think Mercy or Zarya from Overwatch )


Pilot skills ideas that comes to mind

  • Overdrive / takes 50% less heat damage on overburn for turn
  • Control dash / Adds one an angle control to dash with a middle angle point

I’d love to see some weapon subsystems. If you’ve played Deep Rock Galactic, kinda like the Overclocks from that, ranging from minor buffs to significant changes to a weapon’s properties.

Example ideas:

  • Accelerator: Increases bullet velocity and concussion/impact damage, but also increases recoil/spread
  • Ultra Loader: Increases number of shots fired by weapon but increases heat generated and duration, if unit overheats then weapon jams temporarily
  • Supercooling Chamber: Reduces heat generated but significantly increases weapon mass or adds significant power draw
  • Gyrojet Rounds: Adds splash damage to shots but greatly reduces bullet velocity

Or weapon-specific mods:

  • Barrel Choke (Shotgun): Greatly reduces spread and increases effective range, but increases heat generated
  • Drum Magazines (SMGs): Doubles number of shots fired per action, but triples mass
  • Albratross Compensator (MMG/LMG): Reduces idle scatter by 100% over the first 1.0s of firing weapon
  • Autopod (Pistols): Automatically fires your sidearm once per turn at an enemy at no additional heat cost and can overlap with a primary attack, but you cannot use this weapon normally
  • Gauss Capacitor (Sniper): Increases damage, bullet velocity, and bullet penetration, but increases heat generated and if the weapon is shot off, it explodes and deals damage

As for utility items:

  • Emergency Autopilot: Pilot pod system that allows a mech to continue fighting for you even if the pilot is incapacitated. You as the player lose direct control of the unit, but the AI takes over and the unit keeps fighting for you. You can still eject the pilot in this state.
  • Siege Thrusters: Allows for a single long-range dash that plows through most cover and knocks enemies down. Probably best paired with a heavyweight unit.