Very difficult to remove virus on Phantom Brigade?

I use Bitdefender total security key , Well, I clicked install,Just tried to load
Phantom Brigade and had to download yet another update only to be told after I have downloaded the update that the game has a possible virus. and about 10 seconds in, my Bitdefender detected a virus that said Suspicious.Cloud.2,I got this antivirus software from Bzfuture!

It then said “problem fixed” which I thought was good, but then once it was done, I couldn’t play it! I either like my money back, or a possible solution to this.

Thank You.

Please contact with Bitdefender support about this as it appears to be a false positive:

Hey there Brucezed! It doesn’t appear that you’re in our closed Alpha, and Phantom Brigade is not available for purchase yet to the general public. Not sure how you came across what you downloaded, but you probably want to delete it from your computer! Especially if it’s telling you you have a possible virus.


Whoops, I thought he was asking back the money he paid on Bzfuture for obtaining Bitdefender antivirus!