Veterancy & loot

Hi I’m about 15 hours in and really enjoying the game so far. I have a couple of ideas I think would be great:

  • veterancy for employees and citizens. Meaning they get more efficient. For that to actually work you would probably be able to lose employees (I have not lost any yet, so not sure if it is possible) and have some control over their health.
  • veterancy for turrets and ships. Killing an enemy ship atm does not gain you anything other than losing money for repairs and risk of losing ships. Taking over rebel bases is more efficient by influence. Building and designing a ship is very costly and time consuming, so you want your ship to become stronger over time and hold on to it as long as possible. Not sure if we can already name ships, but that would be fun.
  • loot from destroying enemy ships and bases. Same point as above. Atm I don’t really see a reason to engage the enemy by ship. Expanding with command centers and taking over the enemy with influence works really well. A bit too easy. Getting valuably resources by destroying the enemy would be a good reason to engage.


Veterancy goes against the lore of the world since Workers have had their consciousness removed in order to prevent rebellion. If workers got smarter, that would be bad for business.

We have plans for loot for salvaging ships in the future. The goal is to provide a strategic difference between Turrets vs Ships. Turrets are an easier way to destroy rebels, but with Ships you can disable the enemy ship, and tow it back to a Shipyard for salvaging, resulting in rewarded resources.