Visual and Effect (with a splash of UI and Gameplay) Feedback + Wishlist

To start, the game is already incredibly beautiful with a very clear and focused visual direction ! As this is EA , I’m certain plenty is up for change and revision already, but here are some thoughts I’ve been having on some visual elements that could help with readability , also a wishlist of sorts lol.

  • Impact Holes : Specifically tied to the ground and ground textures, having visible impact holes form wherever missed bullets hit the ground would really add another level of, well, impact… :wink:

  • Shield : Blocking fire with the shield at the moment is rather difficult to notice visually. I think that applying sparks bouncing off of the shield for each impact would really clarify when shots are being blocked. It would also be neat if shields actually deflected incoming fire into the surrounding environment.

  • Splash Damage : Right now splash damage from Flak Cannons and other AOE weapons aren’t visible, which makes it really difficult to tell if / when an ally or enemy is taking splash damage until their legs disintegrate lol. Visual elements to clear that up, maybe in conjunction with the impact holes would make it far more readable before, during, and after.

  • Edit Unit : Right now in the Edit Unit pane feels a bit wonky in terms of it layout. I commonly mis-select [ Right / Left Item ] when searching for [ Right / Left Arm ] at a glance. I’m sure I could get used to it, but I also feel it could be a bit easier to read. A possible solution would be to make the [ Item ] a subselection of [ Arm ] or [ Body ]. If that wouldn’t work, I also feel that reordering the items to : Upper Body > Right Arm > Left Arm > Lower Body > [ Items ] could also be an idea.

  • Filters : A small thing, but adding a visible scroll bar to the filters menu in item selection would be a nice addition. It took me a while of wondering where the filters for sniper rifles, flak cannons, and assault rifles filter options were located to realize that I could scroll down for more options.

  • Weather Effects : A cool thing that was mentioned in the stream was the implementation of weathers. A really neat visual queue that could go with that could be on dirt or muddy terrain would be the visual spattering when traversing the environment or also of the visual caking of mud at the feet of your mechs at the end of battle, when you return to base. Snow or frost building up on certain parts of the mechs, or maybe damage to the paints of the mechs after several battles would also be a very nice touch.

    – Another thing on weathers : It could be a really unique dynamic to have heat play a role with environments and weathers. For example, if we were fighting in the mountains, or on a snowy map, having a bonus to heat cooldown. Or also potentially reduced mobility in heavily forested regions / other difficult terrain. Just an idea. It would also be a very nice touch if when weapons were fired near trees, the trees swayed from the shockwave.

    – There’s a really good post by Vulture2K here : All your Crazy Weapon Ideas going over cool ideas they had for weapons. One of the ones that stuck out most to me was the Flamer. Fire or applying fire to surfaces could play as a really unique form or area denial and visually could interplay well with the system you all are using for lighting and effects already :). I also compiled a list of neat ideas I had for utility items in the same kind avenue : Utility Items, Abilities, & Pilot Skills ! unrelated sidenote : a quick, Bloodborne-esque sidestep ability at the cost of heat would be super cool too.

  • Customization / Weapons : I’ve seen it mentioned before, though I’m not entirely certain where or by whom, but right now it is hard to differentiate the look of certain types of weapons at a glance. Right now the Assault Rifles are the most visually distinct weapons from the others. There is also a certain type of sniper rifle and one pistol variation that break from the blocky visual style as well. Visually changing up the meshes from the block kind of layout is something I’m sure is somewhere on the list, but it is worth mentioning.

  • Capes : Imagine ! Capes short and long, hoods, fur collars, banners, all flowing in the wind with your mech looking super sleek and stylish as they carve up some sad R0 - Trooper. All would be really, really, really cool, just saying. :eyes:

  • Extra Environmental Elements : This one is more of just a brainstorm, but I was thinking about ways to make the environments more lived in themselves. It could be really interesting to have maybe the occasional cluster of civilians running from building to building trying to get away from the action, or cars trying to get out of town. Civvies evacuating from collapsing buildings, etc. Really depends on like, just how gritty the team would want to go with that, but it’s an idea, definitely doesn’t have to involve blood or anything like that, but I think that adding living individuals trying to flee would really add a sense of human cost - and a sense of tragedy when a 3 or 4 story tall mech comes barreling into my apartment building at like 125kph lol.

  • Barrier : I really like the idea of barrier and excited to see what you guys choose to do with it going forward. Something I was thinking would be cool is if the barrier hit indicator ( the greenish sparks that come off on hit ) would be really cool if it was more of an green-tinted translucent projection of the body part that you night see in the shields of Neon Genesis or Elite Dangerous, so it feels a bit more like a sci-fi barrier.

I’d love to hear other opinions on here if you all have any :blush: !