Waste is teleporting into my smokestack

Build Number / Patch Number: 2020-06-19-1628-p16707-v341-S
Seed Number: 1451234340
Type of Bug: Gameplay
Blocking Progression: No
Result of Save/Load: Unsure (persists after game load but I did not have a fresh start to compare to whether the bug exists before a game is loaded at all)
Short description: Waste is not being transported to my smokestack; it just appears inside and gets burned. If I monitor my waste receptacles, I can watch an employee walk up to one and then walk away empty-handed to do some other job, while the waste vanishes instantly and appears in the smokestack to be burned.

Reproduction Steps:

Get a city going to where you have a smokestack and a lot of waste; for me this is occurring with a level 1 unconnected stack. Assign an employee to the smokestack, then enable Advanced employee priorities and drag the “Supply Smokestack” job to the very top of the list, making it the first thing every free employee does. You’ll see your smokestack be perpetually full and burning waste (as long as your waste supply is enough to keep it alive), but no employees or trucks will ever carry waste to the smokestack. If you want, spend some time to watch a full waste receptacle and how the employees just walk up to it to make the waste vanish.

Save file:


Comment: Have fun! I’m guessing someone was balance-testing waste and pollution and left some developer cheat enabled that stayed in place in the version that got pushed out to experimental. Thanks for all your work on this great game!

Thanks @Tenebrys and welcome to the forums! I have a suspicion that this is all fixed on our end but I’d like to check your save to be 100% sure. Would you mind attaching your entire GameData folder? (If it’s too large, attaching your titan.met file (located inside your GameData folder).

My entire gamedata folder is downloadable via the following link:


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