Weapon Filter Broken

Loaded up my save file after awhile. Noticed that the weapon filters seem to be broken. I can select stuff like Marksman rifle, Snipers, Swords, but a few options are missing, such as Assault rifles, pistols, Shotguns. When I filter ‘All’, only weapons that are not missing show up, so ARs, Shottys, Etc. remain missing.

Anyone else experiencing something similar?

Did you have those weapons previously? Unless you actually have at least one of a given weapon type in inventory, you won’t be able to select the filter.

Yes I do. Im all the way up in the level 19 area and had a massive stockpile of common weapons lying around. Haven’t played since December, but when I came in to check on the new update, 70-80% of my weapon stockpile has ended up missing.

If you can, we’d appreciate your sending in a save file (you can do so by attaching it here, or by using shift+tab while in game and sending a report. It might be that because it’s been so long since you’ve played, one of our later updates that changed save file formatting invalidated parts of your save (unfortunately, it’s the nature of early access sometimes :frowning: ) Either way, we’d like to have a look!