Welcome to the Bug Report Forums! *Please Read*

Hello and welcome to the Bug Reporting forums for Phantom Brigade! Thank you for participating, we appreciate your interest in our game.

For use of the forum, we’ve created a template to fill out to make reporting bugs a bit easier, and reduce the amount of back and forth we might need to have if you’re missing information.

Build Number:
Type of Bug:
Blocking Progression?:
Result of Save/Load?:
Short Description:

Reproduction steps:

[any screenshot, gif or files related to the issue]

How To Fill Out a Bug Report

  • Build Number / Patch Number:

    • This is the version of the build that you are playing. We need to track which version you’re playing so that we don’t try to fix things that are already fixed!
  • Type of Bug

    • Choose from the following list of options:
      • Audio
        • Bugs relating to Music or Sound Effects, such as delayed or missing audio effects.
      • Visual
        • Bugs with art, animation, or visual effects, such as visual glitches or broken animations.
      • Crash
        • The game has stopped working and you got an Unity popup detailing why. Please fill out what you were doing at the time of the crash. Include your forum Username in the description box and hit Send and Close.
      • Freeze
        • The game has frozen and your inputs are no longer registering. This state will not result in an Unity crash window.
      • UI
        • Bugs relating to the UI, such as inaccurate information or buttons that are not working. Typos or overlapping text are also included.
      • Gameplay
        • Bugs that are relating to gameplay that should not be occurring.
  • Blocking Progression?

    • Yes, No or Unsure. Does this bug prevent or block you from experiencing parts of the game? A non-blocking bug might be annoying, but doesn’t prevent you from proceeding in gameplay.
  • Result of Save/Load?

    • Yes, No or Unsure. Did this bug occur as a result of loading a saved game?
  • Short description of what is happening

    • Please detail what is happening when this bug has occurred.
      Example: One of my weapons is not visually increasing the heat gauge, but my mech is overheating anyways.
  • Reproduction Steps

    • As detailed as possible, describe the steps that lead to the bug you’re experiencing. Sometimes it will take a few tries to reproduce a bug - if you only get it once, report it anyways and our team will try to nail down more accurate steps. Detailed steps can include: specific weapons you used, specific armor you had equipped, what you did directly before the bug happened, what enemy units you were engaged with, what province you were in, etc.
      • Example:
        Engaged in combat in the beginning province with the mountain base
        My mech had a Marksman Rifle equipped and I was primarily using that to do damage
        Placing multiple attack actions didn’t show my heat gauge increasing, so I let the turn play out, but my mech overheated almost instantly.

Attaching Screenshots of Bugs

If you can take a screenshot of the bug you’re seeing, it will be very helpful to us. Please use the upload attachments button, or if it’s a video, you can link to google drive or send it via email.

How to locate and upload your Save files

  • Open File Explorer and paste the following into the address bar:

Documents/My Games/Phantom Brigade/Saves

  • This will bring you to the location of the save files. We only need you to zip and upload the single save file folder in question.
  • Due to file size restrictions for uploads to the forums, we ask that you use an external file hosting site such as https://gofile.io/welcome or Google Drive. We cannot host files larger than 5mb on the for the time being.
  • If you think the save will be immediately useful, you can even include it in your original post.

How to locate and upload your Log files

  • Open File Explorer and paste the following into the address bar:

C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\LocalLow\Brace Yourself Games\Phantom Brigade

  • This will bring you to the location of the log file. You are free to copy this file and upload it to the forums for our use. Alternatively, whenever you send a bug report via the in-game bug reporter, we get a copy of your log anyways, so this step is not quite as important.

Thanks for reading!

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Should we use this template for reporting bugs in-game as well?

What about other feedback options (feedback/idea). Any direction on how that information should be conveyed?

For reporting bugs in game you can just type the issue out, no need to add more information (we actually receive your log, versioning and a screenshot when sent in game). For other feedback, you can use the ingame bug reporter as well, but if you want to type lots of things up it’s best to do it here on the forums :slight_smile:


How do I close the log window? Opened it up, can’t figure out how to close it without Alt-F4.

escape should close it. if its the log window, press F11 @Redking

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I will try this next time, thanks