Welcome to the Bug Reporting Forums! **Please Read!**

Welcome to the Bug Reporting Channel for Industries of Titan Early Access!

This post will explain how to report a bug. Please follow the Bug Report Form Guidelines so we can address these issues as quickly as possible. Thank you!

Bug Report Form

  • This is the blank copy of the form for you to copy/paste when making reports.
  • When submitting a new bug, please create a new thread in this section, following the report form template below.

Build Number / Patch Number:
Seed Number:
Type of Bug:
Blocking Progression:
Result of Save/Load:
Short description:

Reproduction Steps:

Any screenshots or gifs, please attach at the end of your post.

How To Fill Out a Bug Report

  • Build Number / Patch Number:

    • This is the version of the build that you are playing. We need to track which version you’re playing so that we don’t try to fix things that are already fixed!
  • Seed Number

    • This number is located just below the build number, and is related to the map generation (each map is different!) Including this number is important in the reproduction of several different bugs.
  • Type of Bug

    • Choose from the following list of options:
      • Audio
        • Bugs relating to Music or Sound Effects, such as delayed or missing audio effects.
      • Visual
        • Bugs with art, animation, or visual effects, such as visual glitches or broken animations.
      • Crash
        • The game has stopped working and you got an Unreal Engine popup detailing why. Please fill out what you were doing at the time of the crash. Include your forum Username in the description box and hit Send and Close.
      • Freeze
        • The game has frozen and your inputs are no longer registering. This state will not result in an Unreal Engine crash window.
      • UI
        • Bugs relating to the UI, such as inaccurate information or buttons that are not working. Typos or overlapping text are also included.
      • Gameplay
        • Bugs that are relating to gameplay that should not be occurring.
  • Blocking Progression?

    • Yes, No or Unsure. Does this bug prevent or block you from experiencing parts of the game? A non-blocking bug might be annoying, but doesn’t prevent you from proceeding in gameplay.
  • Result of Save/Load?

    • Yes, No or Unsure. Did this bug occur as a result of loading a saved game?
  • Short description of what is happening

    • Please detail what is happening when this bug has occurred.
      Example: Workers did not pick up resources after salvaging Ruins.
  • Reproduction Steps

    • As detailed as possible, describe the steps that lead to the bug you’re experiencing. Sometimes it will take a few tries to reproduce a bug - if you only get it once, report it anyways and our team will try to nail down more accurate steps. Detailed steps can include: things you selected, which view you were in, what you did directly before the bug happened, what you did in a different part of the city before the bug happened, etc.
      • Example:
        Started salvaging 5 ruins at the beginning of a new game
        Workers moved from inside the HQ to the ruins and began the salvage jobs.
        When workers finished their job, they returned to HQ, but did not pick up any of the resources from the salvage job.

Attaching Screenshots of Bugs

If you can take a screenshot of the bug you’re seeing, it will be very helpful to us. Please use the upload attachments button, or upload from URL. We may ask you to take a video and send to us for more information.

Attaching Save Files

Having a save file is often very useful for us to reproduce bugs and crashes that are otherwise giving us a very difficult time. You can read a more detailed post of how to attach your GameData folder here.

What do I do if my game crashes?

First, congratulations and thank you! Every time you crash the game, it provides us with a bit more information on how to prevent that crash from happening. In the event of a crash, you will see an Unreal Engine pop up with a stack trace in it. It looks like this:

The contents of this popup are essential to us - please write a short description of what you were doing in the game when the crash occurred, and send the report (either Send and Close or Send and Restart work fine). This is really useful for our team in figuring out what went wrong - in a game as expansive as this, it’s very difficult to come across every single case. The more information we have to work with the better.

Thanks again, and enjoy Industries of Titan!

Hi all! We are actively trying to hunt down the source of the freezing and memory leaks that many of you are experiencing. We have a suspicion this is related to graphics drivers. If you are experiencing these issues and making posts on the forums, it would be very helpful for us if you attach the DxDiag file to your posts about memory leaks. A guide on how to do so is located here.