What is the point of the Conversion Center?

I have built the Conversion Center and of course, the Conversion Capsules. However, I don’t understand what the point of having the Conversion Center is especially if I can’t build the capsules in the Conversion Center. It would be nice to be able to build the capsules in the the Conversion Center and maybe get a bonus (+1) employee for having the Conversion Center or something, but right now I don’t see the point in building the Center. What am I not understanding (I know capsules increase the employee limit).

Conversion centers can be connected whereas the capsules cannot. This grants connection bonuses.

Ah ok. Thank you!

What I do is make a 1x2 factory and FILL IT to the max with conversion pods, as generally im drowning in minerals and its easy to fill a floor of a factory. Then make one conversion center on the outside. That way I can queue up all my worthless mortal citizens, to be converted into loyal immortal employees from the city view. saves on clicking and the ‘zoom in’ time and all that. I tend to need the isotopes for my turrets and the ‘bunny hopping’ of pylon-command centers so i dont really want to spend isotopes on conversion centers.

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is another advantage here waste? ie when converting in conversion centre you dont get piles of waste in building that has conversion capsules that need to be cleaned up?

Conversion centers generate waste so that’s not really a big benefit

I mean like look at the ocst

Conversion center gives you 4 extra employees at level 1. Each conversion center costs 12 minerals and 2 isotopes. To connect 2 of them, costs 2 isotopes. and you get 9 employees out of it. You pay 12 istopes to upgrade it to level 2, and you get 11 slots, which isnt great.

A factory costs 10 minerals and 1 isotope. to connect costs 1 isotope. Now I can fill a single floor with 28 conversion capsules for 196 minerals. Each capsule supports 2 employees. So I get 56 employee slots for more space efficient, and for much less isotopes which are a much harder resource to get than minerals… Upgrading a factory also only costs 6 isotopes. Yet gives me access to another 56 employees. I can repeat this for every floor on the Factory. Meaning a level 3 factory dedicated to Employee conversion gives you 168 employees

Given isotopes are rare and now that upgrades are much more expensive isotope wise, it doesn’t make much sense to have a conversion center other than for “I don’t have to click into my factory to convert citizens”

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As it stands right now, no building that can be replaced by a factory is worth building. A specialized factory is far more efficient production-to-space wise, although it does cost quite a bit more to build, but then, minerals and isotopes aren’t really in short supply.

Hopefully this’ll change in future patches.

I know the devs have said that Factories are going to be expanding in their capabilities in the future. So I think there will be more of a choice whether you want to specialize in factories or not

Also with Pirates and combat being a bigger thing, there will be significant risk in doing specialized buildings that could potentially cripple your entire economy. Like right now most players are packing in energy and fuel buildings together for maximum density. That’s going to be very risky if a single pirate ship can destroy one building which will cascade to obliterate your entire energy/fuel infrastructure.

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What Satoru said is the risk I’m seeing as well. I just started playing this over the past weekend (loving it) and after getting through the initial WTH am I doing stage, I started doing what I figure a lot of players do and that’s build entire floors for just power, or entire floors for just beds, or entire floors for storage.

But what I’m hoping is that as the game develops, we see attacks that focus on our most vulnerable infrastructures. I think the game (enemy in this specific case) should know that this particular building houses all, or most, of this gamer’s power or conversion centers, or whatever it may be. And the focus should be on destroying what would actually create the most havoc for the gamer.

(Unless it already does that and I’m just too early in my save to notice it yet).

Another thing that’s likely to be coming that will mitigate this. Currently citizen happiness really isnt a relevant issue. Citizens are functionally just ‘money making’ machines. If one dies, you get more. My feeling is that as that layer of the game gets more fleshed out, while yes a factory full of citizen pods is more dense and cheaper, citizens are not likely going to be happy about it. They might get sick more often, they might die quicker, be less productive etc. While in specific like apartments buildings, sure its less ‘efficient’ but they’ll be happier, make more money etc

All conjecture obviously but I think there are ways in which you can provide pro/cons of specialized factories, vs specialized buildings

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I think this is the biggest factor that will change how we view the game’s current optimal strategies.

Each citizen will eventually have a happiness meter with various needs and desires. Once this is the case, cramming 100 people in a Factory is a surefire way to upset your City. Upset Citizens will have negative consequences.

For the other devices, there will be noticeable differences once we add the systems in place. As a sneak peek, one of the features we are currently working on is adding a simulation to the Fuel Fabricator. This device “pulls fuel from the air” magically right now, but soon it will be tied to an actual resource in the air. When this occurs, a Factory full of Fabricators will be very inefficient compared to spreading Fabricators all over your City for maximum area coverage.

I hope that gives you a good idea of how we are trying to solve some of these design problems.

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