What would you like to see in the game?

I just open a thread in which we can collect suggestions for future content.

I’ll start:

  1. interior farms for food production
    I simply like that theme.
    They could be implemented with complex mechanics like genetically engeneering new crop types, farming cycles in which you rotate between different crop types and designing water systems.

  2. different ways to upgrade people
    E.g. upgrading a citizien into a scientist who helps you advance on the tech tree. Different kinds of people could have different needs.

  3. possibility to connect different buildings for different advantages (e.g. fuel building + energy production); maybe one could connect more than 2 buildings to form larger building complexes.

  4. the game not becoming a “tower defense”-like game.

  5. in general: more depth and complexity

Fortunately, there are plans to address all of these with the future roadmap!

If you want a preview of what combat is going to be like, check out our Titan Combat Trailer!

temperature be intresting if we HAD to burrow during the winter season.

Titans average Temperature is ( 93.7 K (−179.5 °C) )… winter would be nasty man …

if the game is accurate i mean … regarding to the environmental stats


after a couple of day playing :slight_smile: some suggestion that would be nice ^^

  • When the city is stating to be big and we start to build more and more construction or upgrade, we hear each time “construction finish” audio message but i have to search in the whole city where this was done (because i want to upgrade the finished construction or check the status of the building to assign workers etc …) -> a small nitification log list windows somewhere on the ui, with the possibility to click on the message that will center and select the corresponding building would be cool

  • when the city is big also, sometimes, and there a a lot of building to repair, it s hard to select them (with the semi transparency effect, because the repar status bar is place on bottom of the buildind, and not easy to see which building i m clicking on .

  • maybe also a filter to see only damaged building or something like this would be nice also

  • a double click or similar type of building selection would be nice (selecting all turret at once to disable them, upgrade them at once etc, or select all damaged building to launch the repairs.

  • indeed after a while , i don t use micro gestion inside building anymore, only build city level building, easier to manage, easier to grow . so don t know yet what to do to make it still worth when city is growing and growing

Wish more filters:

Ruins results
Minerals / artifact

Building level

Free interior space maybe with coloring of the different floors
100-74% almost empty blue
75-50% green space
49-11% Well stocked orange
0-10% almost full red

The possibility of overlaying several filters for optimization

Building buildings:
Existing factories with content copying

with different ranges Energy Pylon by level the range in three colors
L1 light green
L2 green
L3 dark green

Improvement of the GUI:
Energy display from the main grid
Citizens expand with offices

user friendliness
scan multiple ruins at the same time

Wow man first, all massive thx to the team for making an old man happy bringing back SCI FI nostalgia. Blade Runner city intro, type of feel, so much ahead, and great direction.
Ideas, anomalies so much you can do with this, by adding new resources, drastic weather disasters etc, would like to see intelligence espionage added spying etc, more sci fi Synth rectro music from 80s,90s, TBH everything above GL all. :alien:

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Another old man