When will new options to deal with waste be added to the game?

As soon as I get to the mid-game in any of my campaigns, I start getting overwhelmed with waste. Smokestacks cannot burn it fast enough, waste receptacles keep getting full and I have full storage buildings full of trash. I know that new options to deal with waste will become available at some point in the future, but I cannot see anything specific about it in the roadmap, so I wanted to ask when they were approximately planned for.

You probably just need to scale your smokestacks

Also with the new job system you can allocate a small team to just feed the smokestacks

More waste solutions is something we have talked about a lot and we have ideas for it. It’s a matter of when we do it because we have other features that are taking priority right now. The goal is to let you dump waste into the lakes or down the crevices, so you can pollute by land, air, or sea.

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I tend to get stuck into this loop where the residential areas get overwhelmed with trash and I cannot get enough citizens to get enough workers to clear the trash up, also the more residents I get the more trash I get, which keeps my smokestacks always on the back foot. Probably bad planning on my part tbh.

I also seem to get this with residential areas - it seems as though my trucks/workers don’t really clear them out properly. It might be a bug, as I seem to have free room in smokestacks and free trucks waiting at the depot, but they don’t seem to want to come and collect the waste properly.

I’d suggest maybe tweaking down the amount of waste generated until more options are available - even just slowing it down a bit would help the onslaught of waste.

Hi Andy,
Your goal is right : if crevices or lakes are deep enough, landers could dump waste into it relieving smokestack :+1:

A gauge could display the level of waste present in crevices and lakes but i think refiner solution will be more efficient as this solution because waste will be transformed in power and/or in O² :ok_hand:

Bridges over crevices and lakes could extend main area, building refiner or fuel turbine on these platforms :thinking: