Windows Screenshots Cant Be Taken

Build Number / Patch Number: p21119-v1802-S

Type of Bug: Visual/Bug Reporting/Sharing

Blocking Progression: No

Result of Save/Load: No

Short description:

When trying to take a windows screenshot in the menu (or game in general), using Windows-Shift-S, it switches to windowed mode on desktop, then back to fullscreen again, and it isnt possible to take a windows screenshot at all.

Reproduction Steps:

  • Use Windows 10 and open the game.
  • Have the game on fullscreen (and not your desktop resolution, may be necessary)
  • Press the key combo Windows-Shift-S to make a screenshot
  • Game drops to desktop/windowed mode and switches back
  • Screenshot UI never appears and is “skipped”

Hi @QuantaCat - this is the first time I’ve tried this and yeah you’re correct! It does seem that having your game at a lower resolution than your actual native resolution is a key step - is there a reason you’re running your game at a lower resolution than normal?

Yeah, performance, really. My main res is 4K, I run the game at 1440p so my framerate doesnt suffer too much.
I have an RX 580, not quite enough to run 4K smoothly on GPU heavy games.

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Ok, I’ll have a word with the programmer in charge of settings etc and see what can be done :slight_smile: I don’t know if I can say something will happen soon though :frowning: (I actually didn’t even know you could take screenshots like this on Windows, haha, I’ve always used ShareX)

Used to too, as alternative to the Snipping Tool, until they rolled that up into the windows screenshot feature. Dev myself so taking screenshots for testing is super important ;D

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@QuantaCat programmer said - it sounds like Windows thinks you’re alt-tabbing because you’re in fullscreen mode. He recommends you try running the game at 4k and setting the resolution scale to like 50% to get the desired performance.

Actually, if you could provide the name of any game that DOESN’T do this behaviour that you also play regularly, we’d like to have a look at it and see how they’re doing things… thanks for your help!

@byg_alexa Ill do you even one better, a game in UE4 that doesnt do that, and is still in early access: Satisfactory. Im sure the Coffee Stain guys are pretty helpful with that ;D

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Sadly, still persists in 0.8.0. (experimental)

Win-Shift-S does a rectangle select screenshot and I’m not surprised the game doesn’t support it.

If you want to screenshot a window you are using (eg. Industries of Titan ) use Alt+PrntScrn instead.
or Win-PrntScrn

I’m pretty sure Satisfactory always run in Borderless Fullscreen and thus is always a window.

Well yeah, Satsifactory runs borderless with lower res than desktop res. That is not an option for Industries of Titan, but I do hope they will implement.

Actually, testing it out as I had missed the resolution scale suggestion, it doesnt work like setting to a lower res, I normally play at 1440p full screen and it gets ok enough framerate. when I use 50% of borderless at 2160p, framerate sadly suffers almost as bad as when I dont use the resolution scale. Is it possible its not implemented properly yet? or did it require a restart that wasn’t mentioned when changing that setting?

(EDIT: tested again, even after a restart, the lag is still as if it were at 2160p, it feels like the resolution scaling is having no effect on performance)