Xethene Gas / Fuel production woes

Hey guys,

I’m really struggling with the fuel production mechanics now they rely on the atmospheric gas - any suggestions?

I build a tonne of fuel extractor buildings all over the place and have to keep constantly turning them off to allow gas to regenerate then back on when it’s at 5% or so to get another 10 mins of play time. Am I doing something wrong here?


i am having a same issue its keep draining i think there is some sort of bug

Do you have pictures of the gas processing layout? I haven’t run into this yet but I always build them right next to large sink holes and canyons.

Are air purifiers killing it?

Purifiers purify Xerthane and pollution so don’t put purifiers next to your gas generation buildings

I am finding less is more with the fuel fabs. Try placing just one in a prime location and then upgrading it as needed. When you need a second try to locate it near a different crevice so that you do not over harvest in one area. you should see a much better fuel income because of it. If you are on the discord ping me some time and i will hop on voice and show you what i mean if it helps. :slight_smile:

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Gas buildings have a radius from where they suck xethsne from which is 2. You can see this if you click on one and you’ll see a white outline of its radius

Overlapping gas buildings too closely and they functionally are stealing from the same air meaning it’ll deplete faster where it can’t be replenished

“General” rules I’ve found

Normal tiles at 25% you can really only build a level 1 building. After that I’ll suck more xethane than will be replenished naturally

Next to crevices your can build level3. But you gotta space them out as per the radius limits above.

Inside factories you can kinda put like 4-5 small Gas generators

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If you click on the tab for Xethene gas, then click the little button to the left of it, a display a numbers appears
all over the map. Then look for the highest lvs of concentration, say 50+ and build there. Don’t build purifiers near that, nor should you have offices or houses near there. My largest city has 5 or 6 double generators maxed out at lv 3 and I have plenty of gas. Starting you have to be a bit more selective as to where things go.

Hi folks,

as I am enjoying the zen mode of the game I would also like to see a way extracting Xerthane from the crevices with a constant rate like the endless extraction nodes for isotopes and minerals.


You can pretty much put a level 3 gas extractor next to a crevice, even one that’s only 2 per tick, and it’s self sustaining

you are right but the rate of self sustaining is below 0.10% per second so I dont consider this as stable like the infinite nodes. I would like to have a different type of building with a lower extraction rate but without reduction of the Xerthane level in the crevice.